Wednesday, September 04, 2013

We Rolled Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer!

Tonight the house is quiet. Both kids fell into bed after the completion of the first day of school. Where did our summer go? I can see by the nearly complete summer fun list attached to the pantry doors that we did, indeed, have a summer and apparently were rather busy, but it still feels as though the doors of Sherman elementary school just flew open revealing a gaggle of screaming kids eager to enjoy their nearly three months of summer free time. In an effort to bring us back up to date, here is how we passed the time.

India Camp
India camp is fun, loud, exhausting and a host of other things, but the most remarkable thing about camp is not planned, organized or expected. It is magical. For three days our children, most of whom were born in India, gather together to learn about Indian culture. Most of them are aware that they lived in the same orphanage at one point or another, some had bassinets side by side, and others, perhaps, even shared a crib as infants. Past the age of about one year, most of the kids have never seen each other again until camp. Once together; however, the magic begins as the kids unite revealing this undeniable bond with one another. Instant close friendships are evident.
Performance day!

Friends, Jenya and Devi before celebrating Holi

4th of July
Our small town hosts a bike parade each year. This year, both girls were able to actually ride their own bikes. First they had the idea of dressing like fireworks...all in tie dye! Then they decorated their rides with red, white and blue. 

Random fun things
The largest part of our summer was spent doing random fun things. Treya enjoyed crazy week. One day was crazy hair day. She chose 10 braids!! Daddy treated all his girls to spa nights throughout the summer, painting our toenails all sorts of fun colors...even the Sounders' colors. We performed random acts of kindness AND paid it forward on one of our coffee time and story time outings. The stunned man who was the recipient of a drink on us was dumb founded. Devi completed 178 books in the summer reading club and Treya managed to open 72 books. We attended story time in our PJs at the library every week.

Ocean Shores
One misty morning I got the bright idea to go to the ocean. Trey desperately wanted us to drive our car on the sand and let Bengal see the water. Check! We did it. Though the weather was not very warm that day, the girls spend hours running into the water, letting the waves chase them out. So did Bengal. We flew kites and had a picnic beside the van...which was parked on the sand!

Cousins visit
Our Colorado relatives came for a visit, which prompted Oma to host a backyard party. The kids had a grand time and we finally took the time to take some much needed updated family photos.

Papa and Gail with their grand kids

A Wedding!
A good friend asked the girls to be the flower girls in her wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor event. Treya dropped flower pedals followed by Devi who pulled a wagon which held the bride and grooms two week old baby girl. Precious! 

We also managed to hit several Farmer's markets, went camping, fishing, tried a new flavor if ice cream, sent both girls to zoo camp, ate from our garden, took the girls to see Monsters' University - their first movie in a movie theater, and a multitude of other fun summer things. is all coming back to me now. We did do summer and now I guess it is time for the leaves to begin to start turning and for another season to grace us with it's presence. Bye summer time...see you next year!


Nancy Leschke said...

Love all the photos -- you made me homesick for India camp! What a full, fun summer, with so many family memories. Bliss!

Cristy said...

Looks like a fun and busy summer!

Kristi said...

Hi Julie! I would love to hear more about India Camp. We are also in Washington it local??