Saturday, February 01, 2014

Playing Catch Up Part 1 - October!

Oh my goodness, how could it be that 3 months have passed since my last post? How could it be that I sit here today on the eve of the final day of 2013?  Both of those facts have hit me like a slap across each cheek and the sting is still warming my reddened skin. (obviously outdated again! Guess I am now slapping the other cheek!)
Hmmm....where to begin. I suppose at this point one could insert the scene from Sound of Music where Julie Andrews is trying to teach the Von Trapp kids to sing. She begins plucking at the guitar and sings “Lets start at the very’s a very good place to start”. Taking that advice, I will begin by skimming through October, attempting to keep this post short and sweet. 

For starters, I was amazed when both girls decided on a Halloween costume  well in advance of the 31st and without changing their minds 18 times before the big day.  Devi, after losing both her front teeth, concluded that a fanged tiger was a perfect fit for her and she practiced her growl for days in preparation.  She lobbied hard and won me over on the idea of full face make up this year too. Treya, our little echo, always copies Devi, but to our surprise this year she elected to be a ladybug and we all applauded this tidbit of independent thought. She also was very specific that she did not want to wear a dress with antenna head band, rather she had her heart set on a rotund round body with wings. Easy enough, and darling too, we managed to find the cutest of felt costumes at a ridiculous price that my crafty skills could not compete with.

Our celebration included our annual neighborhood door to door trick or treating that once again was far from what I remember as a girl. Our girls came home loaded from just the 10 houses we visit with bags and boxes of toys in addition to enough candy to give our dentist the shivers. Naturally, lots of sorting by size, shape, and color, ensued before selecting Smarties and Dots as their reward for all that walking and hard door knocking work.

Devi’s school also puts on a good old fashioned sock hop. This years DJ was aces. He got down into the crowd of kids and taught dances including the Thriller dance, electric slide and the Cuban shuffle. Pat and I stood on the side lines watching Devi huddle up in a swirl of giggles with all of her little costume clad girlfriends, who were so sweet to let Treya tag along behind. Now and again, I would catch a glimpse of these cute yet slightly awkward girls in their youth, trying so hard to be cool and hip with their dance moves...a reminder that they are growing up so incredibly fast and in a blink will arrive as teens. All ready they get embarrassed when we old fogies took the floor to get a bit of our groove on too.

Much as she tries to keep up, our rough and tumble Trey was exhausted by the time we got home and fell into bed....falling out, soon thereafter! At about 11pm, as we sat watching a bit of television, we heard a huge thud sound on the floor above us. Poor Treya had fallen right out of bed flat onto her back. When I reached her side, she was completely unfazed and still fast asleep. Poor baby. 


Peter and Nancy said...

How did I miss this post? Adorable costumed girls -- and lots of fun with pumpkin guts, I see!
Love to all,

Karen said...

Aaaaaaaadorable through and through!
Devi's tiger outfit is a complete triumph. Super-fierce. And could a person GET any CUTER than Treya-Bug? COME ON!
Love the enthusiasm and all the missing teeth! Super-sweet.

xxoo Karen