Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

Meeting family like Great Grandma Verna

Sitting in a box that contained a gift all the way from Tallkeetna Alaska
Thank you Sandy and Butch!

Discovering Music

One of our dreams was realized last night. Although it is probably silly, every time we sat on the couch and watched a rented movie over this past year, we dreamed of the day that this event would mark the winding down of a day. With our baby in her crib having sweet dreams, we would sit in the quiet, enjoying each others company over a glass of wine, and watch a movie....nothing that requires alot of thought, mind you, just some light entertainment before hitting the sack ourselves.

Earth, an Indian film, was the movie of choice. The wine, was suppose to be relaxing, but who really needs help relaxing after chasing a small child all day? In any case, the evening brought heavy eyelids and big smiles to both of us as, together, we realized a dream turned reality.


The Labontes said...

Julie, her eyes just sparkle! I'm sure yours do too, with her to brighten your days.

Smiling along with you,

Anonymous said...

She is SO precious! She has incredible eyes and that smile can melt your heart.The one of her and her Great Grandma is so special.What a neat Mother's Day gift for Great Grandma that would be.

Anonymous said...

Devi has a sparkle of mischief in her eyes! What a doll. She looks sooooo happy! I love the picture of Devi with Grandma Verna. Too precious!

Sandy & Butch said...

She is so precious! It looks like she's absorbing her life with gusto. Blossoming right before your eyes. We are so so happy for you. What an incredible, amazing dream come true!
Hope to make it down before too long.
sending love & hugs,

Karen said...

She is just the CUTEST! I love the pic of Devi with great-grandma. What a little darling you have there.

We miss your companionship, and Jenya certainly misses having other babies around! Wish we lived closer!