Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scratch and Dent!

Last week we went to see Dr. Ayer again. We were hoping for some weight gain and that is just what we got. Topping the scales at 17pounds 12 and a half ounces, Devi has gained just over a pound in a month. Whew! we first time parents must be doing something right! In addition, she also got 4 shots...2 per leg. Surprisingly, she didn't cry, although she was a bit miffed that someone would dare to hold her down. After another blood draw, we were out of there with a glowing report. Devi is in the 9% for her weight and actually has a little belly now and all the tests show she is in excellent health.

The excitement of the day caught up with her the next day when she woke up not in the best frame of mind. Feeling a little sore in the legs and slightly under the weather from all the poking and prodding, I thought a nice leisurely stroll through the park would be the perfect way to spend our morning.

The ground was full of bright fall colored leaves and as we walked we occasionally would cross paths with others drifting by who had just lost their grip from the branch where they once soaked in the summer sun. Although it was brisk, the sun was out and we were catching a warm ray across our faces here and there as we walked the pebbly path through the Japanese garden in our local park.

We had just crossed the arched little bridge that crosses a trickle of a stream when I noticed a fallen pine cone. I love to stop and let Devi explore new things so I set the brake on the baby jogger and turned to pick up the cone. When I turned back to lay it in her lap, the jogger was in mid air! Evidently, I had parked the jogger with the front tire on a curb that was hidden by the large amount of fallen leaves. The front tire bounced down to solid ground and the rear shock absorbers got just enough lift from the bounce to send the whole contraption, with baby strapped in, head over tea kettle. It landed with a thud on the muddy path with her still in it, face down. I panicked! With super human strength, I righted the cart :) Devi was screaming and covered in mud...the first time I had ever heard that sound from her. Bad mommy, bad mommy!

In my efforts to console Devi, several people jogged and strolled past. Many with dogs in tow. This is when I realized...the DOG! I wheeled around to see poor Cayenne standing beside the dropped cone, leash laying limp on the ground with a scared look on her face, just standing and waiting. GOOD GIRL! (Greyhounds off the leash in an unfenced park with squirrels and other dogs is a big risk for her....after all she is a sight hound and loves to chase what she sees) She got extra pets for being so well behaved. It was truly a recipe for a double disaster.

Surveying the damage, Devi managed to get by with a little road rash on both hands and a big bruise and scrape on one cheek. Bad mommy, bad mommy! Mommy nearly had a heart attack with an adrenalin rush equivalent to about ten cups of coffee. Now we were off to meet daddy for lunch....oh boy! :)

I had to chuckle a bit when we reached daddy at the restaurant. Devi went straight to him and began babbling, nonstop, in a serious tone. She was tattling on mommy! She told him the whole story in the greatest of detail. Traumatic as it was, she is fine and we have our FIRST scratch and dent out of the way.


The Labontes said...

Ah, there is nothing like your first mommy heart attack :)

I'm betting Cayenne was too worried about the baby to move.
Glad that the damage was minimal and fleeting.

Pam said...

Oh no! Poor Devi, and of course this happened out in public too! Poor Julie!! I know the feeling. Most of Micah's mishaps happen at home thankfully, where Momma doesn't feel that the whole world is watching! Isn't it the worst feeling ever seeing a little scratch or bump on them? I cry more than Micah does sometimes.

Kristi said...

Yet another mommy test is passed! Just the first of many incidents you and Devi will survive together! Sounds like you handled it like a pro. Good for you! And good for Cayenne!! ;)