Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Our first Halloween!

Never has carving a pumpkin been so much fun! Devi loved it. She was fascinated by the goop and seeds. Naturally, it went straight into the mouth! She even got a little pumpkin guts between the toes.

We had very few trick-or-treaters this year, but all three of us had a great time handing out candy to 2 pirates, Elmo, a witch, a gypsy, Fred Flintstone and several other visitors! Devi was a bunny, thanks to the adorable bunny coat she received as a gift from her Great Aunt Barbara. A perfect fit!

Mommy and Devi had a busy couple of mornings taking Halloween treats to daddy at work, to mommy's workplace, to Grandpa and Gail, Oma and Opa's house and finally to Carol, our neighbor. She is always sending sweet treats our way and we love an opportunity to return the favor.

We can't wait for next year...will have to start practicing the words "Trick-or-Treat"....tomorrow :)


The Labontes said...

Definitely the cutest bunny that I've ever seen. Glad you had a good evening.

Karen said...

Suuuuuuuuuper-cute! Your halloween sounds very fun. She sounds so adventurous with the goopy pumpkin brains!!

I didn't have the chance to respond to your earlier post about the stroller-dumping episode. Oh my! What trauma!! I think you are super-mom for dealing with such an event. Glad you are all OK! And it will make such a good story for the rest of your life. "The Time I Sent My Kid's Stroller Flying..." See, all parents have some kind of horrible story, and now you've got yours under your belt! Congratulations!! :)

Amy and Clint said...

Precious bunny coat!

Peter and Nancy said...

She could not be any more beautiful -- and always with such a huge smile on her face! I'd say you've all adjusted very well to each other. We're so thrilled for you as you get to have all these exciting "firsts" with your daughter!
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed Devi's (DEE DEE) first halloween it was a ball. She is a little doll. Diner was great, considering it was Jule's first pot roast ever. How lucky we are. Dad

Scarlett_333 said...

Wow- your daughter is beautiful!! What a cutie.

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