Monday, November 26, 2007

Turning the Page to a New Chapter

Today was Devi's first day at the Chinese Christian Day Care and mommy's first day back to work. Mommy worried about everything from the time she got up...Devi's supplies, will she eat, will she nap, will she be missing mommy and daddy, will she be worried that we are not coming to get her....the list goes on and on.

After having watched the clock tick-tock my last hour away, work got hectic and I had to call Pat to go pick Devi up on her first day! Bad mommy. Meanwhile ideas like emptying the savings account and heading to the lotto ticket counter entered my mind or perhaps a big garage sale would earn us enough income to have a couple more months off with her. Amazing how creative one can be when motivated.

Truth be told, Devi had a blast. Somehow this does not surprise me much. Her report for the day, otherwise known as the "Daily News from the Toddler Class" stated the she went to sleep quickly at nap time and slept for an hour. She also received two stickers for being good and had these comments marked...

• I was kind today!
• I used good manners today!
• I enjoyed playing with my new friends!
• I chose wisely and played well with others!
• I enjoyed story time!

Well, if that does not make a mother beam :)!

My day was made when I arrived home to see my girl. She looked different. All grown up. How could this happen in just the few hours she was away from my sight? When she saw me she squealed with delight and grabbed my cheeks with both her chubby little paws and kissed me right smack on the lips (nice and wet like babies do) and it was wonderful. "Mama" she said, and kissed me again, this time patting my back....a family trait. Then it was non-stop babble and smiles about her busy day. I think she was quite proud of herself.

All three of us trotted off to steak night to celebrate our accomplishments. Thats when daddy told us about his tale of woe getting ready this morning. Realizing that bows don't usually go on one's back, Daddy noticed he had put Devi's shirt on backwards. Whoops! The sprout atop her head was suppose to be a ponytail...hmmm....I say it resembled some sort of sea life, but Devi didn't mind, in fact, she looked rather cute.

Closing the final book of the evenings' readings, and taking that last swallow of warm formula, Devi closed her tired eyes. She had a big day. It was a big day for all of us. It was hard, but we made it and tomorrow starts another day.


Anonymous said...

I know how hard this must have been for you, but it must have made your heart leap with joy, seeing her so happy to see you and knowing she had such a wonderful day! I am confident this will be a huge motivation for getting something together on the side...if that is something you and your family desire. If not, she is thriving in her environment! Hugs and kisses to you guys and a wet, sloppy one to Dee Dee from MiMi!

Kristi said...

Wow, big transitions for all of you. Sounds like it all went wonderfully! And what a great reception when she finally saw you at the end of the day. The kisses that aren't asked for are the best!!!! :)


The Labontes said...

It's amazing. The children always do better than the mommies in these situations :) I called mine from India last night - Conversation: "Hi Mom, I'm gonna hang up on you." click.

Glad Devi did so well.

Peter and Nancy said...

It sounds like you were a very brave mommy -- and that you've done a tremendous job helping Devi feel safe and secure already! The first day is always the worst . . . and it seems like she did beautifully!
-- Nancy

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