Friday, November 09, 2007

Devis' Top Ten List

Just a quick update of Devi's top ten favorite things on this wonderful day of Diwali 2007.

10. Taking my own socks off even when mom is still trying to put my shoes ON!

9. Waving hello and goodbye to complete strangers because they almost always wave back.

8. Realizing that Oprah and the muppets are both hilarious.

7. Drenching mommy and daddy during bath time. Splashing water OUT of the kitchen sink is very entertaining.

6. Reading "B is for Bear" over and over because it is my favorite touch and feel book.

5. Admiring myself in the mirror because when I smile my reflection always seems to smile back.

4. Brushing all three of my own teeth by myself.

3. Giving wet kisses to mommy, daddy and Cayenne, the dog (plah, plah, the fur is not so great on my tongue)

2. Clapping my hands! When you're happy and you now it....I DO know it!!

And.... my number one favorite thing is

1. Now that I have a top tooth, I LOVE to hear the crunch of biting goldfish crackers in half before shoving them all the way in.

The delights of a nearly one year old....surely makes one grin from ear to ear.
Happy Diwali


Mary said...

Your daughter is so adorable.....

The Labontes said...

What great observations! So glad you're enjoying a family of three (ok, four - sorry Cayenne)


Pam said...

Too cute!! Wish we could get the kiddos together for play time! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I am ever fascinated with the human mind and never more fascinated with the supersonic speed at which it can learn in toddlers. If only that continued in adults....I have gone into teaching for that very reason, I love watching kids "get it" and being able to make a difference. You guys are the greatest parents but I have been saying that since the late 80's. There was never a doubt in my mind that this day would come for you and I am glad you are experiencing it just as you are supposed to--with joy in your hearts. Love you guys, Michele