Monday, October 01, 2007

An A+ Day!

Last Saturday, Devi had her first church experience. Sadly, it was a memorial for a family friend who had passed away while we were traveling. The ironic thing about King, is that he was orphaned at an early age too. His aunt and uncle came to become his new parents when he was just 8 years old. His life story is incredible, but one statement he made in a recent autobiography video hit home with me. He said that once his aunt and uncle came for him, he tried hard to be a good and worthy son to them so that they would not be disappointed. Heavy thoughts for such a young tike, but so important to him.

Later that day, Devi had the pleasure of meeting ALL the relatives on my mother's side of the family and almost all of Pat's immediate family. She did great and was quite the ham. I think she was patted, squeezed, poked and prodded by everyone meeting all of their approvals. Bits of my mother live on in her sister, my Aunt Kathy, and it warms my heart that Devi can get a small glimpse of what her Grandma DeeDee was like through her. The sisters mannerisms are much the same as well as the tone of their voices and facial features.

Today we had our A+ day! We went to see Dr. Ayer, marking our first doctor visit. Devi warmed the hearts of everyone in the office, she is such a flirt. Weighing in at 16 pounds, 10 ounces, she falls on the 15% mark on the American growth chart. She is 27.5 inches tall, which hits the 25% mark in height. We were thrilled that she made it on the chart! I guess we didn't learn anything we didn't all ready know....we have a tall and skinny girl.

Mommy and daddy managed to get a an A+ in the nutrition and caring department too. All and all we did great, but we'll see how we are growing in 3 weeks AND have to do the blood draws and immunization stuff. Dr. Ayer wanted her to sort of like him a little before having to do the hard part.

We celebrated the day by taking Devi to her first 3 dollar steak night. Every Monday, a couple of the area restaurants offer a small steak and fries for 3 bucks. We've been going for years and everyone knows us. Although Devi did not eat steak, she was delighted to sit in a big girl high chair and smiled and stared at everyone. She loves the noisy crowds and ate better out than she does at home!

After one of daddy's wonderful baths, a bed time story where Devi has to give kisses to all the pictures of the babies, and a warm bottle, she is fast asleep in her crib. Another busy day has come to a close.


The Labontes said...

Sounds like she is doing so great, Julie. What a peanut in her Daddy's lap.


Karen said...

Oh gosh you guys, Devi looks so big and tall standing up! But then she looks so tiny with Patrick! Glad you're getting all settled. Seems ages ago that we saw you!


Anonymous said...

Julie & Pat...Ive been following your blog almost daily and loving every minute of it. Your little Devi is just an angel, so beautiful and an amazing twinkle of spirit in her eyes. I can't wait to meet her. You already look like a family that's been together for was meant to be! :) Anza