Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Sponge

Devi is making great strides since being home. She loves to go visiting as we are making the rounds to meet family and friends. She is smiley for everyone, but knows who mommy and daddy are and saves the biggest giggles for us. Good girl!

Crawling came almost immediately. Open floor, will travel. She seems to have no fear when pulling herself up on things so I think that walking will be coming soon! Poor Cayenne is constantly on the move to get away from her now!

Sleeping is still an issue, but we are improving all the time. We are slowly moving away from the co-sleeping as she seems to have a more restful sleep when she is alone. Devi does not like it at first, but if I lay her in her crib and stand there until she begins to close her eyes she does fine. Little stinker tests me sometimes. It is as if she is peering through partially closed lids to watch when I will leave the room. As soon as I make my move she opens up her eyes and voices her objection. So far we are having two naps. Then morning is short and the afternoon is long. Devi is sleeping about 11 hours a night, but wakes about 3 times during that time looking for a little consoling.

One of Patrick's dreams was fulfilled this morning. Proud papa had Devi asleep on his chest while he watched a world cup soccer match between the US women and Brazil. The US lost, but I don't think it mattered to Pat. He was happy as a clam to have his girl with him, though asleep, sort of taking in one of his

This week has been full of firsts and so far all of them have gone well. The grocery store today was a huge hit. Devi smiled at everyone and really helped mommy read the difficult labels. She got to hold a loaf a bread too. She is such a big girl.

The jogger was also a winner. Devi enjoyed the brisk fall air and the feel of her first leaf. It is so cute to watch her take in the world. Food experiences seem to be the most entertaining. Tuna is a big NO in her book, but a nice baked yam and she is in fat city! Carrots are also a NO, but she is delighted to have figured out the hand to mouth movement with goldfish crackers, which always bring a squeal of approval.

She is definitely a sponge right now, taking in and processing all new things. We are enjoying her exploration with great enthusiasm too. After a week at home, Devi is still simply a joy.


Anonymous said...

What a precious girl! Love her eyes! I am so happy for you all.I remember all those firsts with Kaitrin (8 years ago (o:)With her it was macaroni and cheese.
Leveta-from the India list

Anonymous said...

Julie, Pat, and wonderful Devi
What an experience. I'm so grateful for internet that I can be so far away and still get to read all of this. I honestly got chills reading through your experiences, I'm so excited for your new family.


Peter and Nancy said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for posting so consistently! I love reading about your adventures, and am so thrilled for every "first" you get to experience with your lovely Devi.

Nancy (waiting for Anya Rashi's legals)

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the current posts. If I cannot be there to share with you, this is the next best thing. What a joy she seems and so beautiful. I have a picture of Tessa laying "skin to skin" asleep on Tom's chest as an infant. It was one of his finer moments in life.

Michele Anwyll