Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Devi Day!

Today we go to the orphange to meet our sweet Devi Rose. I thought I would be more nervous. Maybe that will come as I become more awake.

In the early hours of the morning while it was still dark, Patrick squeezed my hand in bed and whispered, “Today’s the day!” We’ve waited so long for this day and it is finally here.

Up until this part of the trip, I haven’t been really looking at her picture too much, trying to enjoy the site seeing we chose to do first. We’ve told anyone who will listen about why we are here and have received mostly positive results. Even the security guard at the airport in Delhi opened my wallet and saw Devi’s picture inside and asked if she was my daughter. I explained, “yes, my daughter”, and she smiled and said, “Good.”Now, all I see in my head is her image as I remember it from her last picture. I hope that we recognize her. I also hope that this meeting is not too tramatic for her. We have been preparing for years for her and have loved her for along time all ready. She is going away with us today, having never seen us before. I’m sure it will be confusing and frightening.


Pam said...

When I read how Patrick squeezed your hand and said that today was the day, my eyes started to leak! I can't wait to hear how meeting her went! I'm so happy for you both. I well remember those precious hours waited to finally meet Micah. I wish I was a fly on the wall!
Hugs! Pam

Anonymous said...

We are wishing you the best as you finally meet your precious Devi. We have been thinking about you two...well three... daily as you start this new exciting chapter in your lives!! Best of wishes from back home!!!!

Love...Jim,Michele and Joe

Lisa said...

Dear Pat, Julie, and Devi!
Yeah-hoo!!! What a lovely family of three you are! After dropping Ryan and Lina off at school, I raced home to our computer -- hoping, hoping.... And there they were. The pictures we've been longing to see! Savor every precious, heavenly moment. I can see Dianne's impish grin as she smiles down upon you. Thank you for bringing this happiness into our day. And God Bless you on your journey home.
Love, Lisa, Tim, Ryan, and Lina