Sunday, September 02, 2007

We're Going to India!

At long last, we have tickets in hand! We are still waiting for our ICPC to come through and for Devi's passport to be issued in India. The ICPC paperwork is basically the process of making sure that Pat and I have complied with all the adoption regulations in both Oklahoma and Washington states.

Our plan is to leave on September 8th at 8:40 am, making our way to Dehli via New York and Paris. We arrive in Delhi at 10:15 pm on September 9th. We will be discovering the Golden Triangle of India which includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. We will arrive in Kolkata on September 17th and be united with our angel on September 18th. Thankfully, we will be picking up our Devi on the same day as the Welser's will be picking up Jenya. Jenya and Devi have been sharing a crib and it will be nice that neither of the girls will have to be alone in the crib for any length of time before uniting with their forever families. We will be arriving home on the morning of the 22nd at 10am as a family of 3 plus Cayenne!

Our house
has taken on a transformation in the last few days as we prepare for the curiosity and wonder of a near toddler. Our outlets and doorknobs have become booby trapped and all breakable items have found higher ground. Every enticing hallway has been gated and the distinct baby pastel colors are illuminating from our cupboards and linen closets. Yes, by all accounts we are as ready as we will ever be with a plethora of BABY everywhere.

The quilt arrived Friday. It is beautiful. I totally admire the sewing talents of anyone who enjoys this pass time and know I have NOT missed my calling. It was truly a labor of love and am glad that whole experience is over :)! It will be fun to one day explain the stories behind the cloth to Devi and let her know how she was thought of during the process of making it.

The day was further highlighted by the Stevie Wonder concert we attended that night. He is a wonderful talent who evoked an emotional place in both Patrick and I as he sang praises that God is good and that love is the answer. Isn't she lovely was sung early on, marking one of my favorite tunes which now seems so appropriate.

Tonight is our last DATE NIGHT without child. Pat and I are getting gussied up and going out to paint the town red...hitting one of our favorite seafood restaurants and enjoying an evening of just us. It seems rather funny, as the only thing on our minds right now is the sweetness of finally being able to meet Devi.

We are so excited about this trip and are savoring every moment in it's preparation. We are planning on taking the computer to keep family and friends updated and so that we can remember each moment as it actually happens. Tomorrow the suitcases will make their first appearance, and with any luck, packing will commence :)


Kristi said...

Yeahhhhhhhhh! I can't wait to follow your trip, please post TONS of pictures if you can. We blog obsessers will greatly appreciate it! I'm praying for a safe trip and fabulous bonding for the three of you. :)

Kristi (Daya's mama)

The Labontes said...

Aaah, it's finally here! Travel time. We will be thinking of you, praying for you, and of course, for Devi. So, who's watching Cayenne?


Karen said...

Julie, I LOVE the quilt! Thanks for posting a picture of it. You did an amazing job. Someday Devi will appreciate all the love and history that went in to it!

Can't wait to meet our baby girls!!!