Thursday, September 06, 2007

One Elephant + One Cow + One Shrew + A Goldfish

No, this is not a new character to be featured in the next Dr. Seuss book! But as our departure for India is only two days away, I can't help but reflect on the experiences and the time line that is ultimately leading us to Devi.
Blurry as it now seems, we sent in our first application January 1st, 2005. Depending on how you figure it....we have been working toward this goal for roughly 2 years-nine months OR 33 months OR 990 days (I'll spare you the hours and minutes!) I've always joked that the adoption process is like being pregnant with a gestation of elephant, but in our case, I had to also add a cow, a shrew and these last fourteen days are the goldfish!

Even though we have not even met our daughter yet, the adoption process has enriched our lives in so many ways. Preparing for our new life, we have met (mostly via email) some wonderful people from all over this country who have chosen to grow their families in this way too. Attending local Indian festivals and cooking classes has opened our eyes to the rich culture and wonderful food of this country half way around the world from us. Our friends and family have totally embraced our choice and have emersed themselves in learning along with us. We have been surprised to find how many people are participating in international adoptions. No matter where we go we have met others who know of someone who has embarked on a similar journey. They seem to light up with excitement sharing their story and are always quick to add their congratulations.

From completing the first form to finally purchasing tickets, this emotional journey has so far exceeded our wildest dreams. Although it is no longer cool to say the phrase, it has been totally awesome :)

Look out Devi, here we come!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat and Julie:

Wow! This is such a momentous occasion! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see you two as parents - finally, a dream come true.

I will think of you often as you journey to India and can't wait to see some pictures.

Much love and happiness,

Ramona Fuller

Anonymous said...

Julie and Pat,

I am so full of joy and emotion right now ... I can't even imagine what you two must be going through! I'm beyond excited for you to meet your little Devi, and for her to meet her wonderful, awesome, special parents.

Have a great time, learn lots, eat well, and most importantly travel safely! I can't wait to meet your daughter. :-)

Love and hugs,
Kris Jensen

Anonymous said...

Pat and are in our thoughts as you make your journey to unite with your beautiful girl. Have a wonerful and safe trip and we can't wait to see your new addition to your family!! Best of wishes!!! Jim Michele and Joe

Anonymous said...

Well, I have looked at the clock for the fourteenth time, thinking you are actually in India and so close to having your beautiful daughter in your arms. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you first get to see her.

God speed to all, for we are waiting to welcome Devi home!

Lots of Love,

Dorothy said...

Great work.