Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I read yesterday on the plane from a famous Indian man whose name I can't recall- He said "Butterflies don't live month to month but rather from moment to moment"
Today was definitely a moment- both Pat and I were a different kind of excited the closer we moved towards 10:30- the scheduled time the hotel arranged car would take us and the Welser's to the ISRC- The Indian Society for Rehabilitation of Children. We all trooped out with bags in hand of donations for the babies- we used every inch of the SUV, but managed to get it all in. The drive over from the hotel took us through centuries old streets lined with people cooking breakfast, or scurrying off to work, some bathing at communal water pumps. It took only 15 minutes but seemed so long- the anticipation of finally meeting our Devi made the car ride extremely long. People were waiting for us as we pulled up to a building with the first floor covered in black metal bars lest the area for the front door. The second story had 6 clothes lines draped across the width of the building full of baby clothes drying in the hot morning sun. The group was escorted upstairs where Ms. Anju Roy greeted us all. The first room was small, it was very hot but ceiling fans tried their best to keep us cool. The Welser's went in first to Anju's office, signed some paperwork, were given instructions on the passport, how immigration was going to need paperwork as we transitioned from Delhi bound for the US. In the meantime, Pat noticed movement through a door covered in heavy lace- both Devi and Jenya were sharing a crib a mere 10 feet away. The Ayah's- caregivers were busy changing clothes, combing hair and getting all the babies ready us to come in to the room. The moment had arrived for both families to meet their babies, the door opened up and both girls were standing holding the railing on the crib, a look of wonder on both faces as we all walked in to say our first hello's.

More later....it is a butterfly moment kinda day :)


The Labontes said...

What an amazing collection of moments! I love the picture of Julie stoking Devi's smiling face. She looks so comfortable with you already. Meant to be? Surely.


Kristi said...

Amazing! You finally have your daughter!!! The wait is OVER!!!! Love the pictures. Devi is so gorgeous! Praying for your family that everything continues to go well.

Kristi (Daya's mama)

Anonymous said...

Pat & Julie
I have been looking at this blog every day waiting to hear that you had Devi in your arms. But seeing the pictures....I burst into tears and danced around the room. The pups thought I was a lunatic. Devi is so beautiful!!! She is finally in the arms of her Mommy and Daddy. This has been such a long road leading up to this moment!! We love you guys and can't wait to see you and Devi!!!!!
BIG hugs
Cindi, Jan, Euli, Lefty, Bella, and the OZ

Denise said...

What a way to start the day! I am looking at your pictures, tears streaming down my face with joy for the two of you, thinking that Devi looks as if she already knows you and has been waiting for you to come and get her. A joyous day for all! I am so happy for you and can't wait for your return so we can meet your little princess!

Love to you both, Denise

DD said...

Julie, Pat -- we are all thrilled for you... I made Ted O'Hail stand here this am and watch all the photos stream by!! We have been hanging on each posting to keep up with you and are eagerly awaiting your return... a hugh big hug of congratulations on becoming the family you have dreamed of! We love you! DD

Lisa said...

Patrick, Julie, and Devi!
Yeah-hoo!!! What a lovely family of three you are! After dropping Ryan and Lina off at school this morning, I raced home to our computer -- hoping, hoping ... and there they were. The pictures we've been longing to see! Savor each precious, heavenly moment. I can see Dianne's impish grin as she smiles down upon you. :-) Thank you for bringing such happiness into this day. And God Bless you on your journey home.
Love, Lisa, Tim, Ryan, and Lina

DD said...

Jule, Pat -- we are thrilled for you! I made Ted O'Hail stand here at my desk and watch all of your pictures! We are so very happy for you and eagerly awaiting your return... following your updates has been much more important than any of the rush orders on our desks the past week! Congratulations on becoming the family you have dreamed of!! Love DD

Anonymous said...

What can I say, except WOW (and I hope my mascara holds up here at work)!! Beautiful girl now with her beautiful parents ... congrats MOM and DAD!! :-)

Love and hugs!