Sunday, September 09, 2007

Up and Away Into the Wide Blue Yonder!

With a warm Starbuck’s coffee warming our bellies, we are currently flying at 23 thousand feet in route to NY and the day, thus far has gone off without a hitch. Pat and I are giddy with the excitement of what lies ahead and are sharing our story with just about anyone who will listen. Those we’ve encountered have been excited with us which only perpetuates our enthusiasm.

Two hours of our 23 hours of travel down and doing great :)!
Patrick had a moment of celebrity in NewYork. He saw David, the first winner of the DesignStar contest who now hosts his own show on HG-TV, Color Splash. Where was I? In the restroom. This is humerous because every time our paths cross someone famous, I’m in the restroom. Bummer...missed again! The flight from New York was LONG and uncomfortable. I sat in middle of the middle section. It was during our evening meal I realized I was getting a bit punchy. In our cramped
conditions, I could only manage to move my arms from the elbows down. Something came over me, my hands formed claws and I began to make screetching noises similar to a T-Rex devouring a meal. Pat howled! Way to keep things light, I say!

We currently are in Paris awaiting the last of the 8 hour flights to Delhi. We seem to be covertly watching parents traveling with small children and are silently taking notes. One thing is for sure, we would never have been able to even fit half of Devi on our laps in the last set of seats we had. I hope the return flights have a bit more living space :)!

Tomorrow is a day at the US embassy for some paperwork.

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The Labontes said...

I hope I can keep my sense of humor as well as you, Julie! I'm so excited for you guys, I can't stand it.

Following your journey closely,