Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saying Goodbye to Jaipur

Today is our last day in Jaipur. Really, all we want to do is ride around where ever Raees wants to take us. The rides are still so fun. We are feeling, however, that the focus of our trip is starting to shift. Now, we find ourselves wondering about our Devi and what she must be doing at various times of the day. We have been quick to tell people why we are here and have gotten positive responses.

Our final few hours were, of course :). In our travels, it has become a game to announce the animal we may be passing which is great fun. A typical richshaw ride could very easily sound like this.."Moo, cow, goat! pause...camel, another camel, Moo cow." Today we even came across a snake charmer.
Our final destination in Jaipur was to Krispal Singh's house. He is a famous potter specializing in the blue pottery of Jaipur. He is in his 80's and still throws clay on a wheel. Fascinating man, he has lived all over the world and was a true delight to meet.Kingfisher air flew us from Jaipur back to Delhi. It was a 25 minutes flight and in that time the flight attendants managed to pass out headphones for us to watch half a program, we had juice, then they came around with a snack lunch and finally water. We were cracking up! Barely enough time to choke down all that stuff and they had to take it away because we were there. I don't think I even had a chance to change my seat from straight to reclining before we were there!

Tomorrow we are on to Kolkatta, where our Devi awaits us! The thrilling part of our journey is just about to begin!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you will meet Devi in two days! How can you stand it? I'm so excited for you, I can hardly contain myself! Ben and I have been following your adventure. We are looking forward to your return home and a chance to meet Devi! Make sure you give someone a camera to get a picture when you first see her. I would love to see your faces at that moment. :)

Safe Travels! Denise

Pam said...

Loving your blog! Your descriptions are great. I can imagine myself there with you guys in the autorickshaw! I can't wait to read your descriptions of meeting Devi! On the edge of my seat here.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stories and photos ... it's like we're there with you! (Well, we are there with you spiritually, just not physically.) Anxiously awaiting the next story ... we know the best one is yet to come! :-)

Hugs! Kris

Lisa said...

Pat and Julie! What an adventure of a lifetime! It's 11:06 a.m. in Denver, Monday, September 17th. Trying to figure out in my head the time difference between here and India and HOW MANY MORE HOURS UNTIL YOU STEP FOOT INTO THAT ORPHANAGE AND SEE DEVI FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! Can you tell we're ecstatic! :-) You're almost there!!! Hoping that the next time we log in, there will be the picture we've all been waiting for! Our hearts will be with you. Please tell her we love her.
Love, Lisa, Tim, Ryan, and Lina

The Labontes said...

OK, I'm counting down with you! The trip sounds amazing so far, but I'm pretty sure that first moment with Devi with overshadow everything.

Can't wait to see a family photo!!


Anonymous said...

Your descriptions and pictures of India are amazing! I second Denise's request--make sure someone has the camera the first time you lay eyes on your sweet girl!! That is "the moment" that we are all wishing we could see and experience with you! Oh to be a fly on the wall at that moment!
Can't wait to see you both again and be introduced to the newest member of the Ross Family!
big hugs

dad said...

Hi Kids. Just finished reading your blog up to date. Dumb us, didn't think to go to the blog for info. Worried sick not receiving an e-mail from you. Anyway really sounds exciting the trip and all but tomorrow is the biggest event you will experience in your whole life. Can't wait til the 22nd and a chance to hold my last grandchild. She looks so beautiful and more and more like Pat everyday. Won't be long now but, hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Dad and Gail