Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Forever Family Day

It is 9:30 pm in Kolkata, Devi is asleep and we are on top of the moon! This day has flown by and each and every second I wish could be captured, never to be forgotten.

After signing our papers with Ms. Roy, we met our Devi. She is more beautiful than we imagined; perfect in every way. Her little personality seems calm, inquisitive and, thoughtful. She was quick to laugh today. We hope this is not the calm before the storm but welcome whatever comes.

The ayahs do not understand much English but we managed to get out of them that Devi and Jenya are naughty together. Sounds like typical girls :) They apparently did share a crib and sometimes also with Rup, Rashi and Diganta. All the children looked happy and well cared for. The ayahs are dear, somewhat shy, and you could see that it was hard for them to say goodbye. Shopna, one ayah was quite fond of Devi and could easily get her to giggle, something we are still working on.

After touring this facility, we also went to the special needs facility nearby. There we met all the children less fortunate. The facility is clean and nice, and the children there are receiving good care. The caregivers there were so friendly and have big hearts doing the work that they do. If we could only bring them all home. In spite of their needs, they all were happy to have visitors and many are making great strides.

Arriving home with Devi asleep, the hotel staff, knowing the reason for our stay, greeted us warmly.
Praising us for our life choice and swooning over the children. They have been non-stop arriving at our door with cookies, fruit, and towels even though we have not requested the service. I wonder if they just would like a glimpse of these beautiful girls. (In case I have not mentioned it, the Welser's are next door with an adjoining door.) The staff are slow to leave and enjoy smiling at the children.

Let the wailing begin! Okay, so there were a few tense moments when we arrived home and Devi discovered her voice. She was not pleased with the cereal the babies home sent with us, but eventually came around and enjoyed a biscuit or two and a warm bottle. Soon after, the over stimulated tiny tike fell asleep for a good couple of hours. It is hard not to stand and stare at this miracle of life. She is precious.

Awaking to a new environment, you could see she was looking for comfort and found it in mommy and daddy's arms. A very good sign. She is making good eye contact with us and is quite the cuddler. We played together on the bed for a while and she enjoyed hitting daddy's belly! She also seems to enjoy raspberries
on her feet and is quite ticklish.
We chose to wake her around 6:30pm and join the Welser's for our first dinner out. It went great. Devi was content to watch the other patrons and searched out the source of anything making a baby noise. Bar-B-Q's (Indian and Chinese food) staff was great to serve us quickly and also took a genuine interest in us and our day. The food was fantastic, recommended by Kristi another adoptive mom. Devi ate a few clumps of rice...at least I think some went in :)

Taxi service in the big city is nothing like that of the other places we have been so far. It seems more like
New York than India. Patience is a virtue here sometimes. Our driver was disappointed with his fare, but after being in India over a week, we are feeling not so much like the newbie tourist anymore and have a better sense for what something should cost.Now back in room 525, our home for this week, we decided to try our first bath. Pat donned his bathing suit and in she went with him. Hesitant, having never been emersed, she did great. It was our first time taking in her slightly pudgy naked body. Ever so cute, she has all the proper equipment; ten fingers, ten toes and even an innie belly button!
Swathed in scabie cream (just in case) we snuggled her up in her new jammies and she soon fell asleep. According to her schedule, which I doubt means much, she does not usually fall asleep until midnight. (At the babies home, they just dim the lights and the children fall asleep where they are) As first time parents, we have no idea how long this SLEEP will last but for now I hope she is dreaming pleasant dreams; we sure will be.

Isn't she lovely?
Truly the angel's best.
Boy, I'm so happy,
We have been heaven blessed.
I can't believe what God has done.
(For) us He's given life to one.
Isn't she lovely, made from love.

-Stevie Wonder


The Labontes said...

Amazing. Love the tubbie picture. She looks so peaceful with Patrick!


Kristi said...

You both look like pros already with your sweet Devi. I love the pictures. She is absolutely beautiful. Glad you made it to Bar-B-Que!!! I love that place! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these very precious moments with us ... my heart is about to burst from my chest. Definitely a match made in heaven!! :-)

xoxo Kris

Cliff and Tami said...

So happy for your family!


Lisa said...

Dear Uncle Pat and Aunt Julie,
Devi sure is cute. I can't wait to see her. I can't wait to meet her. I want to play with her. I love my new little cousin.
Love, Lina

Lisa said...

Dear Uncle Pat and Aunt Julie,
I can't wait to teach Devi how to play DOG PILE! And I will read to her all of my books on SNAKES! I can't wait to meet her.
Love, Ryan

Anonymous said...

Ok....I'm just freaked out to see you with sweet Devi in a sling thing. You already look like a natural!!! I can't wait for Devi and Jaxie's first "play date". Do you think they're too young to do the arranged marriage thing? I just can't wait to give you a BIG real hug! Not just a cyber type hug.

Ok.....the bath tub shot was just too precious! Are you sure you've never been to India before? Devi looks just like her DADDY! I also love the picture of Devi sleeping on the bed next to you. You look content and she looks like she is sleeping so deep and peacefully--in spite of the slather of scabies cream! It feels like all is right with the world--things are finally as they should be.

Love to you--all THREE of you!

dad said...

P&J. Gail and I are elated for you guys. Can't put into words my feelings tonight. Saturday can't come fast enough. I'M A GRANDPA!!!!!!!!! Devi is so beautiful. Hurry home. Love, Dad

Pam said...

Julie & Patrick,
I'm so happy to see the three of you together.....at LONG last! Doesn't the wait seem like an already fading memory?? I can't wait to hear more about little Devi, she is beautiful!
Pam, Joel, & Micah

Nadra said...

Precious. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy this day has finally come for you guys. Let the FUN begin!

DD said...

Jules, Pat -- we are hanging on every posting... so fabulous to see you with your darling girl. Praying for smooth sailing through the legal stuff and flight home. So very very happy for you. Have gotten hooked on reading Andrew and Evan's postings as well... not getting much work done! Much love. DD and the whole Sunset Family