Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The braces Treya came home with that she no longer has to wear.

Sporting her cast, covered by a sock to protect her face, the furniture etc.

Well, toes mostly. Thanks to the tip from my cousin Kris, yesterday Treya met Doctor Mosca, one of the best children's foot guys in the country. It was a big day, as it was the first time that Trey has been back to the site where her hand surgery took place. She was unfazed and the hand continues to be healing nicely—beneath a cast now for nearly a week.

Jovial as all get out, we find it interesting that while Treya tends to be tremendously shy around most people, she seems to go out of her way to be outgoing around doctors and nurses. I don't know where this comes from, but is smart on her part, I suppose.

In any case, Dr. Mosca, raising his voice to be heard (have I mentioned our child can be loud?) explained what is going on with Treya's delicious toes and feet. Meanwhile, she RAMBLED ON making her way around the examining room, with hunched shoulders, pumping her tucked little arms and shuffling her feet as fast as they could go creating the cutest bouncy gait —her attempt at a run. This vision of jiggling black curls and the unmistakable sound of diaper rustling against the inside of her knit pants is one that I hope I never forget.

In layman's terms, the tendon on the left club foot was released when Treya was only a month old and the repair has healed well. However, Dr. Mosca feels that the correction was not completed all the way. Although Treya walks just fine now, if left the way it is, the foot bones will continue to "harden" with calcium in this position and will not be able to comfortably support her weight as she grows leading to sore feet and problems walking as an older child or adult. This problem is intensified by the week muscles she has supporting the outside of the foot, which were compromised by an amniotic band in utero, which now can not be altered.

With feet, we learned that altering their position after the age of 4 is less successful as the bones are not as easily molded. If fact, Dr. Mosca even referred to Treya as "old" in our conversations. So with time wasting away, on April 18th, Treya will begin to wear a series of casts to complete the Ponsetti method of club foot correction. Yes, I said casts! Poor baby could quite possibly be sporting one on her right arm and left leg at the same time. Each week for six weeks they will slightly change the position of her foot and recast it to help complete the turning of her foot to a more normal position. She went through this procedure once before as an infant, and it proved successful then, so we have every hope that this time will prove the same.

After the six weeks of reforming her foot position, Dr. Mosca will be able to determine how to proceed. Our hope is that the final step can be completed by wearing corrective shoes held together by a center brace, that would be worn at night until Treya is 4 years old. The alternative is to surgically move the tendon on the side of her foot and attach it to the top of her foot, to permanently prevent her foot from rolling and turning inward. There is no need to share which solution we are praying for.

Pat and I were surprised to hear all of this, but we resolve in the fact that when you get the help of the best, you get the best result. So we are in this for the long haul and trust that Treya understands this too. Meanwhile in the back of Pat's mind, I know he has swirling thoughts of people like Mia Hamm who was born with club feet, and has accomplished so much in the world of women's soccer despite this adversity. Treya is a child with just that kind of tenacity.


The Harmons said...

Mia Hamm, Troy Aikman and Kristi Yamaguchi! These names may or may not have excited some of the sport fanatics in our family too!

Her "shoes" from India are exactly like Leah's! Seems smart to start the casting now... all the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
All the best to Trey and to your entire family.

I have been following your story and I am so glad for your family. I am visiting your blog after a long time and I thought your adoption journey is still on... because your blog sub title still says "Our adoption remembrance for our daughters; one who found us in 2007, the other we have yet to meet."

Anyway, a belated congrats on your second adoption!!! :)


Julie & Patrick said...

Thanks Mercy...guess I should change that!


Sandy & Butch said...

First off, glad to hear the progress on Treya's sweet hands and feet. We will continue to pray that everything will go smoothly. She looks like she's handling the arm cast fairly well. Quite a trooper!
Also, wanted to say just how amazing it is to me, the change that has come over her since she's been with you. She hardly looks like the same child. Talk about a transformation! It is a joy watching your girls blossom. Julie, you and Pat are incredible parents. What a blessed family you have!
Love, Sandy

The Labontes said...

I'm so glad you've found providers to provide you with solid direction and fast services!
She sounds so spunky - I love her from here :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Bye bye, braces! You and Patrick seem to be rolling with all the new medical ideas so well. I am also amazed at how well Treya is doing with her cast -- glad she's recovering well. All the same, I hope you don't have too many more surprises in the next few weeks . . . these are enough! Love the smiley cast picture. :o)
With love,