Monday, March 07, 2011

Treya's Top Ten List!

Today I have the phone attached to my hip, anticipating a call from the hospital to give us the exact time of Treya's hand surgery tomorrow, while she naps soundly upstairs. It is hard to realize that her sweet little hand, after tomorrow, will be forever different and it is our responsibility to have made the right decision for her, to see that she is well taken care of and to pray for the best possible outcome. Because she can not verbalize, we have to also assume that she is okay with our decisions. If you knew someone for only a little over a month, would you let them make those decisions for you? That is heavy heavy stuff.

To say that Treya is moody child is an understatement, but with her much improved ability to communicate, the cutest of personalities is beginning to emerge. So on the eve of this life altering day for her, these are Treya's Top Ten Favorite Things.

10. Eating more than mommy and daddy...combined! Treya has gained 3 pounds in a month and seems to love to eat pretty much everything. MEAT be it shrimp, beef, chicken, or fish is her favorite, which is hilarious when you consider she was a vegetarian since birth.

9. Helping...she is a helper. You can always find her at your side handing you the next thing you may need...a tooth brush, a comb, a towel, a sock or a shoe. She also loves to "help" fold clothes, empty the dishwasher even when the dishes are still dirty and make the bed.

8. Learning new words. Her ability to speak has just exploded. Now, we can actually understand what she is trying to say as she masters the different sounds of the English language, adding a few new words each day, like puppy, egg, and pee pee to her vocabulary list. Today she put two words together for the first time..."naked peas" which of course meant "napkin please".

7. She loves to scream M-M-M while on the toilet. We reward with mini m&ms. Treya is a master at letting out one or two drops, signing all done, receiving THE reward and before you can get the diaper back on, mysteriously announcing that she has to go again. She also sits on the toilet with her legs foot up on her knee!

6. She refuses to say Thank you, instead giving the Indian head swagger followed by "you". We are a signing family, so I guess that counts.

5. Trickery is a favorite. She loves to hide from us so we have to come find her or tell us that her box of raisins, for instance is empty. When we look inside there are still some left and she giggles hysterically with a smile so big it squishes her nose, all because she made you look.

4. She calls everyone who cuddles her, momma. So that means, I am momma, daddy in momma, uncle Bill is momma...she knows this is not true because she calls us by our names too. I think it has just become a game where we continually correct her so she continually plays it.

3. She loves to put on her own socks. Yes, it can take forever, but she will not let you help her. She holds one chubby leg up in the air and tries over and over until the elastic encompasses her toes. When the sock is totally pulled up, her big feet fully fill out the knit foot part, but her little calves are so tiny that the rest of the sock hangs loosely on her leg. I will admit, it is pretty cute.

2. Music! The girl loves music and will bop her head to just about anything rhythmic. She tries to sing too, but with no words until recently, she blares out these off key sounds where she thinks the words should go. She always sings the two special lullabies we sing to her and Devi and you can tell by the look on her face that she is trying her hardest to be sincere.

1. Treya's #1 thing is glow worm. It was Devi's toy, but she never paid it any mind. Treya, on the other hand, LOVES it. It accompanies her wherever we go. I find this interesting that she could care less about the soft blankets and squishy stuffed animals and likes THIS toy. It is a rather hard toy with dull colors and a plastic face, albeit it the face lights up and when you push it's belly, it does play music. It is not unusual for Treya to lay on it in her crib, so the music will continually play over and over and over. Poor Devi....they share a room :)

The new double stroller works like a dream....or rather
sends them to dream land!


SarahinOK said...

Love the photo in the double stroller... I'll be praying in the morning for all to go smoothly and for Treya to trust and not have too much pain or fear.

Bless you mama! It's so hard to have kids go through physical pain while we sit aside and watch...

Peter and Nancy said...

Just thought I'd check your blog before going to bed . . . and I'm glad I did. I will pray for a most successful surgery, and for your peace of mind during it. Having to make this decision so soon after welcoming her home certainly does highlight the gravity and responsibility of becoming a parent. You're doing a great job caring for your dear girl, and it seems you're already reaping the benefits as you see her unique personality unfold.
I'll be praying tomorrow,

The Pfeiffer Family said...

I like the "Top Ten List" It is great to see how quickly Treya is advancing in language and personality since she has been home. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. The photos of the sisters together are precious.

I pray the surgery goes well tomorrow. So thankful she is home with a loving family who can provide the needed surgery and care for her during her recovery. A very difficult decision to make in such a short amount of time, but I am sure it will prove to be a blessing in the years to come.

April :-)

The Harmons said...

Sending positive thoughts your way for the surgery today... love hearing an update about all of you!

Anonymous said...

I love how Treya sleeps. The picture of her asleep in her plane seat too. she just folds.