Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mysore, India

Adhur was there right on time, something about travel here that is still astounding. Drivers will wait for huge about time in the hopes that the agreed riders will show. We knew he had to be a good guy as he had Bob Marley playing on his stereo!

He took us to see the Mysore Palace that is lit promptly at 7:30 and attracts all kinds of onlookers, which appeared to be mostly Indians. The palace is amazingly huge, constructed quad-style with four sides of elaborately detailed sets of buildings. All the edges of every side of every wall are adorned with lights.

Meanwhile the center courtyard filled with people, who are purchasing fresh behl from the sidewalk vendor, a boy of about 9 years old who stir fries the grains and nuts while you wait. A man playing the flute is sitting crossed legged nearby as well as tons of panhandlers who spot us westerners a mile away. Devil was frightened by them as they also like to touch her. We are working on toughing her up to just say NO and keep going.

The city is lush, slightly humid and very touristy. There are bright colored carts being pulled by small horses everywhere...equivalent to auto rickshaws in other parts on India. They those here too, but not as many. The streets are like one continuous market, with open fronts displaying there wares. It is loud and busy and way too stimulating for us weary travelers.

We had hoped to eat out afterward, we were all exhausted, so back to our room with one successful outing under our belt. Idlys and doses were our breakfast this morning...with the best chutney I've ever had. Devil found mini bananas and hard boiled eggs and was in heaven. Our server noticed Devi right off and started speaking Bengali to her feeling she must be from Calcutta. He is too and somehow could see it in her. His English was poor so we tried to ask him more but did not manage to "get" each other.

Waiting for our driver and most likely will not have Internet access for a while.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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