Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today was our last day with Nimi and Viji and Dillini and honestly, it is hard to say goodbye. They have been so kind to us, helping with Devi while she was not feeling well, helping to plan our days, making all the arrangements and the highlight of our stay has probably been the wonderful and lengthy conversations we've had and the FOOD.

Viji is the story teller. He is a wealth of knowledge about the area, producing coffee and other crops and it is easy to waste away the hours bending his ear and he yours. Nimi is the mastermind behind the menus, and with the help of her two or three servants, she manages to prepare the most extraordinary fare in her open air kitchen, most of which is prepared over a wood fire and her two hot plates. Somehow, even with the unreliable current, every several course meal is ready at the same time, is hot and delicious, and is prepared from organically grown fruits and vegetables right from her own back yard. Amazing! I told her more than once that I was hoping to lose a couple pounds in India, not take several home with me, but with dishes like fresh dosas with pumpkin curry, I was doomed!!

On our last evening there, I mentioned that I wanted to bring back a sari for each of the girls. Nimi began asking me questions about my budget, my fabric choice and what shop I had planned to buy from. My blank stare once again, set their incredible hospitality into action. On her day off, she chose to accompany us in route to the airport to coach me through my sale. It was great fun to watch her direct the store help to find just exactly what we were looking for. With a wave of a hand, some were taken away and new saris brought for my inspection. I am so glad I had her along as there is an endless selection, but she knew exactly what I was after.

A few final sweets where chosen and then we said our thank yous and set off for our 5th and 6th flights of this trip - first from Mysore to Bangalore and then on to Mangalore. We are staying one night at the Gateway Hotel and then off via the Konkan railway up the coast to Goa. With our wonderful stay in the mountains complete, we are off to the beach where we will stay in a beach hut, which offers a bed, mosquito net and we paid a little extra for hot water. Guess that means no internet access until we reach Pune, the current home of Sonalika/Treya, on the 18th! We are getting so excited and can't wait to meet her!

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Peter and Nancy said...

I just read ALL of your wonderful posts -- thanks for sharing such amazing details with us (although I know your primary "audience" is Treya and Devi!). What an eventful trip you've had so far! I'm glad you figured out the motion sickness remedy -- poor Devi.

We tried to do a home stay in New Delhi, but it just filled up too quickly. I love the chance you had for longer conversations and questions, not to mention sari shopping. Wonderful!


Karen said...

Oh Julie & Pat, what amazing times you are having! I can picture it all...and especially Devi waking early and asking for details about Karate. Ha! You are feeding that overflowing little mind with memories she'll always treasure. Your journey sounds absolutely perfectly YOU and I am so very glad you are having the adventure of your lives!

xoxo Karen

Emily said...

I am enthralled, soaking up every detail and enjoying every image! It's already an amazing journey, and you haven't even met Treya yet! Thank you for sharing it with us.

As a fellow motion sickness sufferer, I'm relieved to hear that Devi is on the mend, and enjoying safaris and the like. Enjoy every moment!! Emily

Our Family of 5 said...

Looks like a great time and so glad that Devi is feeling better!:)
We hope to go back one day and take the kids too!!
Looking forward to the beach pictures and Gotcha day!!

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Your trip sounds amazing so far and you haven't even gotten to the best part :-) So glad that you have meds to help Devi feel better. It is so sad when kids are sick with motion sickness....we had the same problem with our boys.

Isn't it wonderful to stay with locals and soak up all of their knowledge and experiences. The help they give us foreigners is priceless.

Looking forward to seeing the pics of the four of you together.

April :-)

Rhonda Owens said...

Wow! Awesome images you're sharing with us all, Julie. What a fantastic legacy of detail you're creating for your sweet girls. I've been praying for your safety as well as a smooth transition into the family for Treya. Peace to you all!

Anonymous said...

This is the best trip I haven't been on. The detail - the excitement is building...
Thank you for the visions and we are thinking of all of you.

love love love love

Monica & Dick

Anonymous said...

I could not be happier for you!! Only one more day till you finally meet Treya! Sooo looking forward to the pictures of your first meeting. Wishing you all safe travels and sending love to you all!!

Jim, Michele and Joe

Anonymous said...

Julie, for Treya's health insurance Lori here at Sunset needs a fax of adoption papers - something "legal" saying the date she came into your custody. Fax: 253.437.0330. Hoping we can have the insurance active for your return.

Loving all of your posts and info - can't wait to hear about your first meeting with Treya.

Hugs and much love Donna

Anonymous said...

Dearest Julie, Pat and Devi, I'll be setting my clock to wake up 12 hrs. prior to the 3:30PM meeting with precious Treya Sonalika. Please be sure to give huge OMA hugs to the girls. Your sharing of this adventure is wonderful. Much much love from OMA/Mom