Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Family Grew 2 Feet Today

Waiting in the lobby of the hotel Devi was busy playing on mom's lap- I spy, as we were anticipating the auto rickshaw arrival of Meenal- the social worker appointed by the adoption agency arranged to escort us to SOFOSH where little Treya lives with around 100 other little children. It's hard to believe for the past 24 hours we were a mere 15 minutes apart.

Urmilla met us at the office and was joined by the director to discuss our first meeting. Gleaning as much information about her as possible, we learned that she is a favorite amongst the workers, is a slow eater with a little appetite, and as affectionately been nicknamed Barbie...pronounced Bobby. They kept saying how incredibly shy she is and to give her plenty of space and time to become adjusted; not to expect more than eye contact and playing with all the children in a group for today. The photo book we sent is viewed nightly, however, and she does recognize us in photos and naturally she is especially fond of Devi's picture. In an attempt to prepare her for her new family, they have introduced her to English and have started speech therapy because she is slow to talk, as all the children are because their routine is so tightly run, there is no need to ask for anything. During this time, Devi was on my lap constantly badgering me, "Can we meet her now? When can we meet her." Finally, they said we could go to Shreevatsa.

We came so late in the day because of an earlier performance for donors but it seemed that the welcome rangoli at the entrance was meant especially for us.

Upon entering the courtyard you could hear many tiny voices, but were completely caught off guard when we rounded the corner and saw our fair skinned sugar plum (known by Devi now as Momy Poka Pants after a Hindi commercial for diapers). Not only did we see her, but she was thrust into my arms which after our discussions was completely unexpected and caught us almost uncamera ready. I don't know what we had expected to see, but she is the cutest petite beauty. She has marvelous thick hair like Devi's and a grin that steals your heart. Her eyes are huge and her stare captivates. Her wobbly gate resembles a dance and she swings her arms to let you know this is her house of comfort, teasing us to follow as she gave us her "tour" of the place, showing us where she sleeps and all of her friends.

We sat on the floor together the 4 of us, and studied each other and then the smiles and playtime began. She was hesitant at first, but soon thereafter the strawberries and kisses began to fly and the tension was lifted. The staff was a flurry of excitement and shock that things went so incredibly well. Pat, Devi and I could not get the smiles off our faces. Treya even joined in too. To quote Devi, "She is great!"

She is not quite ready to be held or cuddled, but willingly came to sit on Pat's lap for juice and a snack. Meanwhile Devi and I were adorned with Mendhi on our hands as a welcome and then it was time to say so long for today. Our meeting was over in a flash. Treya came running out to wave bye bye and it became so hard to leave.

Tomorrow we go back at 9:30am until noon to play and then at 3:30 we will receive her file of records and will have a small opportunity to ask questions. Friday we have our traditional Indian "ceremony" of family and we can leave together. Wow...parents again the most surreal and wonderful feeling we've ever felt!

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Jennifer said...

This is so awesome!! I am so very happy for you guys! Wow! It sounds like a stellar first visit compared to what they prepped you for. The pictures are a little fuzzy, but she looks absolutely adorable. And tall! I'm glad Devi had a great first visit with her sister too. Congratulations you guys!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

She did so well -- and so did you, Pat and Devi! What a challenge to restrain your enthusiasm when all you want to do is scoop her up! I just love seeing that first photo of the four of you together . . . at last.
With a full heart,

Anonymous said...

I had tears in my eyes as I read your story.The long wait for you all is finally over and I am SO happy for you all.Treya is beautiful and it is because of all the wonderful prayers that went up resulting in her connecting with you all so quickly.The true time will come when she has to leave with you all.We'll be praying for that too.

Teresa said...

I have tears going down my face as I read your post. I'm SO happy for all of you as you become a family. The long wait finally over and she seems to be so happy to be with you. Enjoy the rest of your trip and your newest family member...sweet Treya!!


Eric and Cheryl said...

I had to wake up extra early today so I had time to see if you posted, I couldn't wait! Love, Love, Love everything about your day. Blessings on your new family of 4.

Kristi said...

The first thing I did this morning is check your blog!!! And what a wonderful post to sink my teeth into!!! I am just so thrilled for you guys. You have such a beautiful family and Treya seems to perfectly complete you. I hope your next two meetings continue on this same trend and that family day is everything you hoped for! Can't wait to meet sweet Treya in person!!

And Shaili was really excited to see something familiar on Treya's legs. :)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

She is precious! LOVE the photo of the 4 of you. So happy to hear everything went so well. Thank you for sharing the details of your first visit together. I am SO thrilled for your family!

April :-)

Karen said...

Ahhh! Two daughters, two perfect meetings. What an amazing blessing! The girls look so sweet together... I love how Treya is carefully studying Devi in the picture of the 4 of you.

What joy today!!

xoxo Karen

Pam said...

as i lay awake with my newest family member multiplte times last night...i wanted to get up to check your blog...:) alas i waited until this morning. i love reading all your assured i'm reading but 1handed commeting is hard lol. as we have talked countless times...finally! your precious 2nd daughter is in your arms. answer to so many prayers! cant wait to learn more about sweet treya! love to you!!

The Harmons said...

Yeah! SO so happy to see all 4 of you together, finally!
As always it is obvious that the wait was worth it!

Cat said...

I have read this and reread it at least five times already. The first visit was so much more than any of us thought it would be. I could not be happier for all of you!

Emily said...

She liked you more than a little!!! Hooray for this family union, together at last. Thank you, thank you for letting us share it with you. As you can see, we are all incredibly eager to hear your news and experience the joy of your family complete. Hugs to all FOUR of you, Emily

Our Family of 5 said...

So GREAT!! I am just liking this so much.:) She just fits right in and I hope all continues to go well. Safe and happy traveling. I bet you are all so happy and in the clouds now that you are a complete family.

Lynda said...

What a beautiful meeting with such a beautiful little girl! Thrilled to read how wonderful it went. Tears again.
So happy for you guys!


Anonymous said...

slidDearest Children,
I thought there was something familiar about your first family photo, and of course, you parents are in the same outfits. How touching. We fully expected Treya to respond to Devi and her new Mom, but to realize that she also warmed to her Dad (a MAN in what had to be a mostly female world to date) is great news. Bless you all in these days to come.
Much love, OMA/Mom

SarahinOK said...

Wiping mascara off my cheeks as I type... Sooo excited for you all! Praise God! What a beautiful 'first date!' :) Can't wait to see more posts about the days to come. Rejoicing with you!

India Trip said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

Debbie K

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy life for your grown family !