Saturday, January 08, 2011

Ready, Set Go!

Awaking to a tiny voice asking, "Are we going to get Treya today?" we figured we were about as ready as we would ever be and made one final trip to Starbucks, en route to the airport, to experience that comfort that comes as a regular not having to actually place an order. We are leaving this familiarity of home for nearly a month, to experience the ultimate adventure with the best of permanent souvenirs..

The first 10 hour flight to Amsterdam was a breeze. We all managed to stay entertained, though I shudder at the thought of the snacks, movie and computer game time our Devi was soaking up. At times like these, we choose to overlook the normal rules and employ our traveling motto...when the kids are happy we are happy. Thankfully it works every time. get stuck on the tarmac in Amsterdam with no one to tow your plane those last 100 feet to the terminal. In minutes the cabin got hot and stuffy, truly uncomfortable. Those minutes turned into over an hour when, sadly our Pumpkin Pie unexpectedly lost her cookies...and gummy bears...and lunch...and dinner.

All I can say is I failed as a mother. Totally wipes, no extra set of clothes, no "collection" bag to be found in our seat pocket. In defense, we've traveled extensively with Dev and never before has she had any issues. So in an effort to travel light, I used the valuable carry on space for other important items like games, and snacks. Thank goodness the people seated around us came to our rescue.

Thankful for a lengthy layover, I now am intimate with the Amsterdam airport shops and I can say with certainty that there are no shops that sell clothing in anything other than adult sizes...except one. Ralph Lauren! Yes, Devi is now sporting a pair of leggings that were more expensive than the bulk of her closet COMBINED (and a souvenir Holland t-shirt) Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Flight KLM 847 was uneventful as we all slept almost the entire way, awaking to a dinner plate of our first Indian food of the trip. Even 30,000 feet up, it was delicious. Touching down on Indian soil, Devi asked "Where are the elephants?" and "Can we go outside and look around a while?" Her first impression was one of disappointment, as the airport seems to look so much like the one back home. We'll see what she thinks as time goes on.

Now we are awaiting our next flight to Bangalore. We are oddly dressed, smell a little funky, but are almost there! Devi is a trooper, happily laying on our suitcases as there are no seats available in the terminal where we are waiting through the night. Since 2007, security is noticeably heightened with guards carrying AK-47s at waist height and where even purchasing a bottled water requires showing one's boarding pass. The man at the customs was all business until he saw Devi's passport. Realizing she was adopted, a wide grin spread across his face and he nodded and said "Bless You!"

Now a little later, I am watching my two sleeping beauties snoozing away in the middle of the afternoon. We made it the last two flights without fanfare and arrived in Mysore to find palm trees and warm weather. A nice change to Delhi, which was in the 40s. No elephants yet, but tonight we are headed out with Adhur, the driver we met this afternoon for a quick snack and to view the Mysore Palace light show. It will be an early evening for us, as we are bushed and are promptly being picked up - per our gentleman's agreement - to head to the Elephant Cooridor (a home stay) tomorrow morning and will remain there for the next 4 days.

Our Devi has been a champ. She is such the good traveler and we are so incredibly proud of her. I must add here that people do a double take where ever we happen to be. They see her, hard to miss when she is flitting about, then they look to the parents following her and THEN we see the furrowed brow as they attempt to make sense of it. Conspicuous! Oh yes.

Currently, I am experiencing technical difficulty trying to post pictures. If anyone knows of a way to get pictures from Itunes to blogger via an Ipad please comment. I will close with that and unfortualety no photos yet. It is hard to look at the beautiful children here and not imagine the size and shape of our Treya. Those truths are coming!

Please know we are safe and holding up well.

Location:Rinse Hofstraweg,Schiphol,The Netherlands


Our Family of 5 said...

YAY... Julie!!, and glad all is well!! Have a splendid time:) Gidget
Can't wait for pictures!!

Karen said...

You made it!!! Fantastic. Hope your adventure at the home stay is fun & restorative after the long journey. Say hi to the elephants for us! :)

love, Karen & crew

The Pfeiffer Family said...

So happy to hear that you made it to India safe and sound. Can't wait to hear of your next leg of adventures. Warm weather and elephants sounds like fun.

April :-)

Kristi said...

So glad you made it safely and with minimal drama! I am so grateful you are posting. Nothing like a glimpse of India through your eyes and your fantastic writing skills!! :). Can't wait to hear about the elephants!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your reports and get on the computer to read your updates.So sorry Devi got sick but glad she was not ill with something that would keep you from totally enjoying your trip.What a big girl she is.She reminds me so much of our bio son Chad at that age.He was a great traveler.Waiting to hear about more of your travels and your first meeting of Treya.

Anonymous said...

Pat, Julie and Devi
We are watching the BLOG and are so excited for this adventure that you are allowing us to live vicariously with you all!

This is all so exciting! Wish I could help with the pictures. I'll ask Karli and see if she has feedback. I'm assuming that you have email access so I'll send any helpful tips she can provide to email.

We love you!
Cindi, Jan (and Lefty & Bella)

Lynda said...


Didn't realize you were going to be there for so long..what a blessing!

Glad your getting time to blog as I know how hard it can be to get that accomplished. Can't wait to read more and especially looking forward to your meeting with Treya and what it all looks like through Devi's eyes. Hope there's some elephant posts too!
Can't wait till the day comes when I can take Sananda to India.

Emily said...

Woohooo, safe in India! I am so looking forward to all of your stories and adventures. We're cheering for Devi, what a trooper of a traveler!! This is so unbelieving exciting!!! Emily :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Glad you've landed safely and started off with the blessing of a kind person (albeit carrying an AK47!) who appreciates your family. You have our blessings and prayers as you begin your adventure!
Love from,
Nancy, Anya Rashi & crew

Amy said...

So excited to read about your journey! I am already missing India!

Mana said...

Congratulations from Colorado! We are so happy for you. We're looking forward to meeting the newest Ross. Take care, Be safe.

Chris and Mana

India Trip said...

Enjoying reading about your adventure. We just brought our daughter home from India last March. (you don't know me but I'm not a nutcase). I miss the food.

As far as pics on your iPad, there is an app called blogpress. It will allow you to post in your blog as well as add pictures from your iPad. Hope that helps.

Praying for safe travels.

india to wisconsin said...


So glad to hear that you made it to i
India with just a few minor problems. Can't wait to see pictures. Take care!!!


Cliff and Tami said...

So glad you made it safely there and can't wait to see pics of your family of four!

Cindy said...

Yay you made it!! So happy for your family. Can't wait for the pics.