Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts as we wait

Here it is only 11:30am. Will 3:30 ever come?

Devi is attempting a nap, Pat is nervous and antsy so is out walking a bit taking some pictures of Pune. Primarily a motorcycle city, Pune is like a slower paced Delhi, but with fewer beggars. In fact, we have only been approached a couple of times this whole trip. Two very dirty young girls were at the Golden Temple, but that was at the height of Devi's illness, so they went pretty much unnoticed. There were a few families in Goa that went up and down the beach, but were polite and we offered food that we didn't intend to eat. Finally yesterday in the taxi, two very young girls tapped on our window along with a woman selling roses.

We are occupying #201 at the Gandharv Residency, a nice, clean 3 star hotel located in the alley off one of the more busy streets, which is home to a Levi store, Timex and several jewelers. The staff are very friendly and enamored by our Devi, asking her all sort of questions about our trip, trying to get her to laugh. I get to act as interpreter as she does not understand them or their teasing and they can not understand her accent. It is a workout for me at times.

Cafe Coffee Day was our breakfast spot where we had All-American muffins and a good cup of what they call milk coffee. Non-stop chatter, we couldn't stop talking about what this afternoon might be like. The court yard that we have video of Treya playing is where we all seem to think we might have our first meeting. Devi said she would like to share her pokey blanket today....um not such a good idea as it has really become her security during this trip to a place so different than what she knows. A kind gesture, none the less. I've explained that perhaps Pokey should be her one special thing that no one else gets to touch, but so far she is certain she wants to share it.

Last night as Devi was doing her crocodile death roll in between us in bed, Pat whispered "How will be ever get a wink of sleep with two of them in between us?" No doubt, I will be content to stay awake to watch them both sleep, now memorizing every detail of Treya's cute restful face. As we were dressing this morning, Pat grabbed my face and pulled me nose to nose with him and said, "I just want her to like us...a little". I don't recall if we had these same feelings about Dev. Mostly, we just didn't want her to be frightened. We both are wearing the same clothing worn to meet Devi...hoping that somehow these duds will bring the same level of comfort they seemed to bring her. Corny, I know, but at this point it seems to bring us some ease so we do it.

After our meeting, I'm sure it will be hard to just walk away. How does one do this after such a long wait to meet in the first place? I suppose knowing that we get to do it again the next day will bring some comfort, but I know I am just going to want to take her with me. This seems so odd. I am her momma....

(Flowers being sold outside a temple).

We stopped at a chemist this morning, as I have caught a bit of a chest cold on flight number 6, I think. As he was trying to find some cough medicine for me, he realized that Devi was adopted. Naturally, she told him why she is in Pune. Before you knew it, we were out of the store with candies and computer games that he filled her hands with followed by many "Bless Yous". Funny side note - he has 3 brothers in the states - New York, Chicago and Kentucky! I teased him as Kentucky seems like such a strange place for an Indian to immigrate. He laughed too...you go where the work is, he said.

With just a few hours to go and in huge anticipation we eat sweets and we continue to wait.

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Karen said...

It's 7:26 a.m. and I am checking your blog before email, before coffee, before making school lunches... oooooh, I thought about you all night and just can't wait to "meet" Treya!

Sending love!

Peter and Nancy said...

I'm right in line after Karen, neglecting the before-school routine too. :o) I was wondering if you would wear the same clothes . . . and grinning because our two mama minds think alike!

Emily said...

I love all the details you are including. You seem so comfortable there, as if you'd been to India many times. I admire how you have made the culture part of your everyday life, what a blessing for Devi & Treya! Keep those posts coming :) Best wishes from Arizona